9 Real Estate Auction Websites For Foreclosures & (Non-Foreclosures)

What is a Foreclosure Auction? These are properties, currently listed for sale by a bank or lender who took ownership through foreclosure proceedings are known as Bank-Owned (REO). The banks and lenders typically hold these pieces of real estate until they’re needed again which means you could get your hands on some really great deals!

Looking for a real estate auction? Check out these 9 real estate auction websites that can help you find and participate in an auction.

1. Auction.com

Players who invest in real estate can now take advantage of our unrivaled transaction platform that offers increased services and property information. Auction.com provides the largest selection for residential bank-owned homes, foreclosure properties as well! Founded by passionate investors with extensive experience managing billions worth assets.

We know what it takes to help you reach your goals.

2. Hubzu.com

Hubzu is a platform that allows you to find unique properties at fair prices. We provide one of the largest online home auction marketing platforms, which means institutions can market their inventory directly to serious buyers and investors with our smart tech’s streamlined process making transactions faster for both parties involved!

3. RealtyTrac.com

Your dream home is just a search away! Whether you are looking for foreclosures, pre-foreclosure properties or auction homes to buy RealtyTrac can help. They have the largest database of these types available and make it easy by providing all this information in one place so finding what suits your needs will be quick work with their services

4. Xome.com

xome.com is an online auction site that makes it easy to find your next home or investment property with its large selection of listings across all markets and cities in America!

Xome offers more opportunities than any other service like this out there today because they also provide information about each property including details such as price range, location type (city/suburb), number units available etc., which helps buyers decide which property might be better suited for them based on what will work best given their lifestyle needs–allowing homeowners greater flexibility throughout the year when deciding where exactly he/she wants live.

5. heiseyauctions.com (Lebanon PA) onsite

Heisey Auction Co. has over 15 years of experience in the field, with many happy customers to show for it! We specialize primarily as a real estate auction house but also offer services like farms, farm equipment, trucks and collectibles auctions and even machinery sales if that’s more your speed

6. Williams & Williams

Williams & Williams is a fourth-generation auction house that has been helping clients sell their properties for over 100 years. We are one of the most respected brands in real estate, with auctions across 50 states and Washington DC – Puerto Rico , Central America or Europe . Our 10 year track record speaks volumes about our success; we’ve helped buyers buy more than $10 billion worth property from Fortune 500 companies as well government entities.

And it doesn’t stop there: not only do they have experience working on both sides (seller/buyer), but these experts know what it takes to successfully close transactions so that both buyer and seller have an amazing experience.

7. Hudson & Marshall

Hudson & Marshall is a real estate auction company that provides all your real estate needs! Hudson & Marshall specializes in auctions of all types of real estate, from residential properties to vacant land, commercial assets and much more….

As a full service firm they will help you seamlessly arrange the logistics such as registering and calling an Auction; making it easy on both Sellers who want rid their property quickly or Buyers looking for quality investment opportunities that don’t come along often enough these days.

8. Tranzon.com

Tranzon is a real estate auction company that provides you with a single, nationwide network of experts from all over your country. With our expertise in marketing and real estate management we will bring buyers together for awesome deals at local auctions – Tranzon makes it possible!

We have some amazing people working here who are dedicated to helping make sure each customer has what they need when buying property no matter where their home may be located.

9. Bid4Assets.com

Bid4Assets is one of the first-to market and most successful online real estate auction sites operating today. The company was founded in 1999, when two entrepreneurs realized there’s a better way to manage auctions for private investors after standing on steps with hundreds other people during an event they were managing as it happened – outside in below freezing cold weather!

This moment inspired them into conceiving Bid4assets who has sold over 100k properties nationwide since then. Bid 4 Assets offers low bidders access and top quality assets at fair prices while also providing buyers more choices than traditional channels.

Each website has its own listing of foreclosure auctions, so be sure to browse around to find one that fits your needs. To participate in an auction, you’ll typically need to register with the website and provide a deposit. Once you find an auction you’re interested in, be sure to do your research ahead of time so you know what you’re bidding on.

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