How To Find Wholesale Deals On Propstream

Are you looking to learn how to find wholesale deals on Propstream? It’s easier than ever to find the perfect property for your investment needs! Here are three simple steps to help get you started:

Step 1: Start your search on Propstream’s MLS search page. On this page, you can type in different criteria such as location, price range, and property type to help you quickly narrow down your list of potential properties.

Step 2: Take a look at the wholesale deals on Propstream’s Deals dashboard. This page is updated daily with new wholesale deals from across the country. You can also filter by criteria like number of bedrooms, square footage, and estimated profit.

Step 3: Once you have found a property that looks interesting, take advantage of Propstream’s powerful tools to get an in-depth look at the deal. From market trends and comps to rehab estimates and tenant screening reports – Propstream has all the data and analytics you need to make an informed decision about the deal.

Finding Off Market Properties

If you want to find off-market properties that aren’t listed on MLS, Propstream has you covered. On their Off-Market Properties page, you can filter by location, criteria like estimated profit and rehab costs, and even access exclusive deals from top wholesalers in the area.

Focusing on properties with alot of equity

Propstream also has features specifically designed to help you find properties with a lot of equity. On their Equity Analyzer page, you can input criteria such as location, price range and square footage to identify potential opportunities that have the most potential for profit.

The Type of Property

When it comes to finding the exact type of property you want, Propstream has a variety of features that can help. On their Property Type page, you can filter by criteria like single-family homes, duplexes, condos and more. With this page, you can also set alerts for properties that come onto the market that meet your criteria.

Length of Ownership

Propstream also has features that allow you to search for properties based on the length of ownership. On their Length of Ownership page, you can filter by criteria like days on market and ownership history to quickly identify potential deals with a lot of equity. By using Propstream’s powerful tools and features, you can easily find the perfect wholesale deals.

Expired Listings on Propstream

For those looking for unique and exclusive deals, Propstream also offers a feature that allows you to search for expired listings. On their Expired Listings page, you can find properties that have recently been taken off the market, giving you an opportunity to swoop in and make an offer on a property before anyone else has the chance.

Owners in Foreclosure

Propstream also has a feature that allows you to quickly identify properties that are in foreclosure. On their Owners in Foreclosure page, you can filter by criteria like square footage and estimated profit to find potential deals with the most upside.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re looking for a great wholesale deal or an off-market property, Propstream has all the tools and features to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. With Propstream’s powerful analytics and data, you can quickly identify potential deals with the most equity and profit potential. So get started today and start finding your next great deal! Good luck and happy investing!

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